John coltrane quartet ballads

Ballads is a jazz album by John Coltrane . It was recorded in December 1961 and 1962, and released on the Impulse! label in 1963 as A-32 (mono) and later AS-32 (stereo). Critic Gene Lees stated that the quartet had never played the tunes before. "They arrived with music-store sheet music of the songs" and just before the recordings, they "would discuss each tune, write out copies of the changes they'd use, semi-rehearse for a half hour and then do it". Each piece was recorded in one take, except for "All or Nothing at All". [5] In 2008, the album was a recipient of the Grammy Hall of Fame award. [6]

Not only did Coltrane and his band offer new interpretations from his repertoire, but varied the rhythmic presentations of the numbers, too. The first song in the set, "Cobbs Hill," was written by Coltrane's good friend and colleague Ralph Alessi. Beginning with Yunior Terry's funky and deliberate bass line, further enhanced by intentional drum rolls the 2/4 time signature, two beats per measure, captures a march-like proclamation.

John Coltrane Quartet BalladsJohn Coltrane Quartet BalladsJohn Coltrane Quartet BalladsJohn Coltrane Quartet Ballads