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John surman john warren tales of the algonquin

Wettre's quartet reprises their performance of his four-part "Fountain Of Youth" suite together with the 52- piece Norwegian Broadcasting Orchestra live at Kongsberg jazzfestival in Norway in 2008. The majesty of Wettre's piece, like that of Coltrane's A Love Supreme, is given a royal treatment here with the deft conducting of Django Bates. The music is presented both as a CD and a DVD concert film, and equipped as the film crew were with enough cameras, the concert makes for interesting viewing. Besides the suite, it covers four additional tracks.

Contact [email protected] +47 936 27 647 Past concerts 2017 October 19th 20:00 Paris // Hanna Paulsberg Concept September 13th 20:00 Kolbotn // John Surman 10th 20:00 Paris // Hanna Paulsberg Concept 09th 20:00 Gjøvik // Arild Andersen sextet 07th 20:00 Tromsø // Arild Andersen sextet 06th 20:00 Hammerfest // Arild Andersen sextet 05th 20:00 Bodø // Arild Andersen sextet 04th 20:00 Hemnes // Arild Andersen sextet 02nd 20:00 Herr Nilsen, Oslo // Arild Andersen sextet 01st 20:00 Hadeland jazzklubb // Arild Andersen sextet July 29th 20:00 Sommarljom, Ørsta // Erlend Slettevoll trio June 26th 20:00 Harstad // Odd Steinar Albrigtsen 24th 20:00 Gjøvik // Mathias Eick 09th 20:00 Copenhagen // Odd Steinar Albrigtsen April 29th 20:00 Hamnøy // Mathias Eick 08th 20:00 Herr Nilsen, Oslo // Petter Wettre 07th 20:00 Mandal // Petter Wettre 06th 20:00 Fosnavåg // Petter Wettre March 24th 20:00 Fosnavåg // Steinar Raknes Quartet 23rd 20:00 Molde // Steinar Raknes Quartet 22nd 20:00 Harstad // Steinar Raknes Quartet 18th 20:00 Viktoria, Oslo // Steinar Raknes Quartet 17th 20:00 Vadsø // Steinar Raknes Quartet 16th 20:00 Tromsø // Steinar Raknes Quartet 15th 20:00 Tromsø // Steinar Raknes Quartet 11th 20:00 Herr Nilsen, Oslo // Odd Steinar Albrigtsen 10th 20:00 Glenn Miller, Stockholm // Odd Steinar Albrigtsen 09th 20:00 Molde // Odd Steinar Albrigtsen 07th 20:00 Trondheim // Odd Steinar Albrigtsen January 24th 20:00 Viktoria, Oslo // Espen Rud 2016 November 10th 20:00 Volda jazzklubb // Petter Wettre October 28th 20:00 Umeå Jazz Festival // Mathias Eick August 16th 20:00 Camilla Granlien, Stange // July 05th 20:00 Grahamstown jazz festival, South Africa // Petter Wettre 04th 20:00 Grahamstown jazz festival, South Africa // Petter Wettre June 01st 20:00 Kongsbergjazz // May 25th 20:00 Bergen // Steinar Raknes Quartet 21st 20:00 Herr Nilsen, Oslo // Petter Wettre 20th 20:00 Sandefjord // Petter Wettre 05th 20:00 Herr Nilsen, Oslo // John Surman April 25th 20:00 Lilla hotellbaren, Stockholm // Odd Steinar Albrigtsen March 18th 20:00 Vossajazz // Hanna Paulsberg Concept February 05th 20:00 Trondheim calling // Ine Hoem January 23rd 20:00 Viktoria, Oslo // Steinar Raknes Stillhouse 21st 20:00 Bærum // Arild Andersen sextet 2015 December 16th 20:00 Bø i Telemark // Beate Lech November 21st 20:00 London Jazz festival // Arild Andersen sextet 20th 20:00 Montmartre, København // Arild Andersen sextet 18th 20:00 Kongsberg // Arild Andersen sextet 15th 20:00 Stjørdal // Arild Andersen sextet 14th 20:00 Trondheim // Arild Andersen sextet 13th 20:00 Sunndal // Arild Andersen sextet 12th 20:00 Molde // Arild Andersen sextet 11th 20:00 Sandefjord // Arild Andersen sextet 10th 20:00 Fasching, Stockholm // Arild Andersen sextet October 22nd 20:00 Stavanger // Arild Andersen sextet 17th 20:30 Dølajazz, Lillehammer // Arild Andersen sextet 02nd 20:00 Røros // Ine Hoem September 25th 20:00 Viktoria, Oslo // Espen Rud 12th 20:00 Reipå // Ole Marius Sandberg 11th 20:00 Bodø // Ole Marius Sandberg 10th 20:00 Hemnesberget // Ole Marius Sandberg 09th 20:00 Sandnessjøen // Ole Marius Sandberg 08th 20:00 Tromsø Jazzklubb // Ole Marius Sandberg August 26th 20:00 Herr Nilsen, Oslo // Odd Steinar Albrigtsen 14th 13:00 Arendal // Mathias Eick July 31st 18:00 Sommarljom, Ørsta // Lena Nymark 02nd 22:00 Kongsberg jazzfestival // Krokofant feat. Slettevoll/Møster June 28th 16:00 Piknik i Parken, Oslo // Ine Hoem 26th 22:00 Kjøllefjord // Ine Hoem 21st 16:00 Moscow, Russia // Mathias Eick 06th 20:00 Helsinki // John Surman May 29th 20:00 Nattjazz, Bergen // Arild Andersen sextet 19th 18:00 Asker kulturhus // Petter Wettre March 18th 18:00 Kaunas, Lithuania // Ole Marius Sandberg 13th 18:00 Hulen, Bergen // Ine Hoem 12th 18:00 Parkteateret, Oslo // Ine Hoem 07th 18:00 Lillehammer // Ine Hoem 06th 18:00 Trondheim // Ine Hoem 05th 18:00 Røros // Ine Hoem 01st 18:00 Fredrikstad // Arild Andersen sextet February 22nd 20:00 Utrecht // Mathias Eick 21st 20:00 NSJC, Amsterdam // Mathias Eick 20th 20:00 Ostend // Mathias Eick 19th 20:00 Rotterdam // Mathias Eick 18th 20:00 Amsterdam // Mathias Eick 12th 20:00 Arendal // Arild Andersen sextet 11th 20:00 Nasjonal jazzscene, Oslo // Mongrel 07th 20:00 Rockefeller, Oslo // Ine Hoem January 31st 20:00 Larvik // Arild Andersen sextet 22nd 20:00 Lillehammer // Mongrel 2014 August 05th 22:00 Klubbøya, Blå, Oslo // Astro Sonic April 25th 20:30 Soddjazz // Steinar Raknes Quartet 11th 23:00 Vossajazz // Grand General March 02nd 20:00 Kampenjazz // African Pepperbirds February 23rd 20:30 Øystese // Ole Marius Sandberg 22nd 20:30 Fana Jazzklubb // Ole Marius Sandberg 21st 20:30 Balestrand // Ole Marius Sandberg 20th 20:30 Florø // Ole Marius Sandberg 19th 20:30 Voss // Ole Marius Sandberg 08th 19:00 Svalbard // Steinar Raknes Stillhouse 2013 October 12th 20:00 Nasjonal jazzscene, Oslo // Grand General 11th 20:00 Blæst, Trondheim // Grand General 10th 20:00 Hulen, Bergen // Grand General August 16th 20:30 Kevin Dean @ Oslojazz // July 12th 20:30 John Surman @ Galana jazz festival // June 24th 20:30 Mathias Eick @ Vestfoldfestspillene // 12th 20:00 Herr Nilsen // May 25th 20:00 Mathias Eick @ Nattjazz // 22nd 20:00 Ole Marius Sandberg @ Nattjazz // Username * Password * Log in © Erlend Slettevoll

Marshall Goldsmith, innaugural winner of the IOC's Leadership in Coaching award and author of What Got You Here Won't Get You There and Triggers will present his novel approach to working with leaders.  Stakeholder Centered Coaching, which was developed by Marshall Goldsmith, is a highly effective, transparent, structured and time effic...

Bannister, Charlie Brendan Alec
Donacien, Janoi
Kinsella, Lewis
Lyons-Foster, Kodi
N'Zogbia, Charles
Richardson, Kieran Edward
Siegrist, Benjamin Kevin
Webb, Joshua John

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In the 1990s and 2000s, Joshua Redman (born 1969, alto, soprano, tenor) and Chris Potter (tenor) returned to a more traditional approach which harked back to the saxophone greats of the 1950s and 1960s.

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John Surman John Warren Tales Of The AlgonquinJohn Surman John Warren Tales Of The AlgonquinJohn Surman John Warren Tales Of The AlgonquinJohn Surman John Warren Tales Of The Algonquin