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All openings encourage persons with disabilities to apply – Northeast Independent Living Center – Lawrence, MA

Ideas to help you create an
Autism Action Plan The list of links below are to pages on this site sharing ideas, information, resources, supports and services, which may help you begin to develop a plan of action or autism action plan for your loved one. It is not intended to be complete, and will continuously grow as our own plan is flexible and changes from time to time.

Employee Benefits for Families of Children With Special Needs Information, research and resources to help you better understand the available employee benefits for families of children with special needs, so that parents can make more informed choices about both public and private health benefits and support programs. Social Security Benefits Parent tips on applying for Social Security and Supplemental Security Income disability programs. Family Journal A Family Journal is an empowering and useful document which explains to your family in plain language, information they should know about in your absence. This file, journal or document states exactly what your wishes are. In regards of your child with autism should something happen to their parent or guardian. Letter of Intent A Letter of Intent is intended to describe the life of your loved one and express your hopes and wishes as parents and caregivers, particularly in the event of your death or inability to continue in the care giving role. Letter of Intent Worksheet helps you to consider your son or daughter's future by listing options to use as a guide for future caregivers in decision making and interaction with your child. Draw upon what you know about your son or daughter, through observation and through discussion with your child, and share what you've learned. Medicaid Waivers are actually Home and Community-Based Services Waivers provided by most states to persons with developmental disabilities or long-term illnesses to receive certain medical and non-medical services. These services may help a person at any age remain living at home or within their community instead of an institution or residential placement. How to Select a Service Coordinator Useful information and questions to ask to help you select the right service coordinator for your loved one. A Service Coordinator or case manager assists a person with a developmental disability to develop an individualized plan of service or ISP. Back to Top

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