Vice squad shot away

The group was started when Captain Cassian Andor was tasked with taking Jyn Erso , daughter of Galen Erso , to Jedha in order to get information from Saw Gerrera . The two were accompanied by the reprogrammed Imperial KX-series security droid K-2SO . After assisting in an attack on an Imperial patrol in the city , conducted by Gerrera's rebel cell, the partisans they met Chirrut Îmwe , and Baze Malbus , both Guardians of the Whills . While K-2SO returned to the Captain's ship , the other four were captured by members of Gerrera's cell. After Jyn learned of her father's plan through a holo recording sent with a defected Imperial pilot , Governor Tarkin ordered a single reactor ignition strike on Jedha City . Andor brought the defector, Bodhi Rook , with them when the group escaped via the U-wing piloted by K-2SO. They managed to escape just before the city, and the temple , were obliterated by the Death Star . [1]

The Vice Shout functions by collapsing dimension walls and creating a rift in the universe . The Supreme Kai states that if not kept in check, Buu would destroy the entire universe in a matter of seconds.

What starts as a dirty computer game, becomes a hilarious series of crimes, when the commissioner's son, Irwin, accidentally unleashes a Virtual Reality Hooker from his computer. Vice ... See full summary  »

Vice Squad Shot AwayVice Squad Shot AwayVice Squad Shot AwayVice Squad Shot Away