Diana ross baby its me

After strutting the red carpet in a floor-length sequined gown, Tracee opened the big night in an over-the-top ensemble that truly defies words. Let's just say you wouldn't want to be seated behind her to watch a movie.

So when Ross’ daughter Tracee Ellis Ross visited  Jimmy Kimmel Live! , the comedian had many questions he needed to clear up. How did she lose her fanny pack? Who discovered it? What does she keep in her fanny pack? Why does she use a fanny pack? And what the heck was she doing shopping at Marshalls?

We first fell in love with Stephanie at age 18 when she got the part of Dorothy in The Wiz , an all-Black adaptation of The Wizard of Oz . Her voice illuminated off the stage and she gave life to Charlie Smalls’ score with songs like “Ease On Down The Road.” She brought the house down eight times a week with “Home,” unleashing a mature, robust delivery that helped everyone in the audience feel the song, like she was singing it only to them. Unfortunately, her amazing performance during the musical’s initial run was never caught on tape, and we can only imagine what it was like. However, on a 1975 episode of Sammy & Co., the country was privledged to witness Mills perform “Home” in front of a TV audience with the flexibility and strength of a seasoned superstar.

Diana Ross Baby Its MeDiana Ross Baby Its MeDiana Ross Baby Its MeDiana Ross Baby Its Me