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Jamie kay girl i love you

Kay formed Jamiroquai in 1992. Band members include Toby Smith (keyboards), Stuart Zender (bass), Nick Van Gelder (drums, 1992–1993), Derrick McKenzie (drums 1994–present), Wallis Buchanan ( didgeridoo ). The band also featured guest appearances by Gavin Dodds (guitar), Maurizio Ravelico (percussion) and Johnny Thirkell (horns) on their debut album and on their first tour.

Arabella "She's very friendly, welcoming and a beautiful girl - just like her photos, with an…"
JP on 4th January

by Driver

The soul reason i cant sleep at night
when i think about you i hold my pillow tight
i wish you knew how much you mean to me
when I'm with you my heart feels free

when i fall down your there so pick me up
you touch is as sweet as wine in a crystal cup
i remember the first time i saw you
my heart stopped i didn't know what to do

god has blessed me with such a beautiful girl
your more precious to me than a women with pearls
if i were to lose you my heart would break
thinking such thoughts makes my stomach ache

your delicate kiss brings me back to life
i hope one day you'll be my wife
for you i would do anything
thinking of you makes me want to sing
make me sing the happiest song
i could never do you any wrong

i often think about when we made love
remembering that puts me up above
above all the stars in the sky
without you i would probably die

the sound of your voice makes me cry
but I'll hide my tears of joy at least ill try
your the first girl I've cried for
i will try to keep my tears from you forever more

cause i hate the thought of making you sad
and I'm sorry i always make you feel bad
I'm scared of losing you who could blame me
your the most beautiful girl i love you... Jamie

*my bro wrote this for his gf.. show him some support*

Jamie Kay Girl I Love YouJamie Kay Girl I Love YouJamie Kay Girl I Love YouJamie Kay Girl I Love You