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The ethiopians stay loose mama

Mind the hidden social tensions. Although Hargeisa epitomizes Somali optimism, the commerce and conviviality can mask long-standing divisions. Somaliland, like the rest of Somalia, is predominantly Sunni Muslim, but local Somalilanders are split along still-relevant clan lines, often accusing each other of clan favoritism and power monopolies. All of the locals together often resent southern Somali immigrants who they see as honing in on the success of the region. Both of these groups marginalize the hell out of a series of minority communities , historically held down in an indigenous racial quasi-caste system and rapidly losing their hold even on their traditional jobs. And all of these parties throw a little shade at returnees from the diaspora, cast as outsiders getting too big for their boots. And across the board, people tend to ignore the refugee populations, mostly Ethiopians and Yemenis fleeing poverty or violence and stuck in the region with nowhere else to go. These tensions won’t affect your trip, but it’s good to keep them in mind to avoid needlessly stepping on some sensitive toes and stoking social issues.

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An immigrant from Ethiopia, Workneh is the Senior Editor for Huffington Post’s Black Voices, an initiative that seeks to elevate marginalized voices on a mainstream media platform. She manages both its editorial and social content, tripling reach in her tenure. One of the best parts of running a leading website dedicated to black culture? Interviewing Oprah.

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The Ethiopians Stay Loose MamaThe Ethiopians Stay Loose MamaThe Ethiopians Stay Loose MamaThe Ethiopians Stay Loose Mama