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Half gallon and quart jars are a great size for most foods, but you can use pint jars if you’re preserving food for just one person. You can also use ½ pint or smaller jars to oven can small amounts of spices, baking powder, etc. Foods that can be preserved with this method include:

The basic premise behind these traditional fermented foods is this: lacto-bacillus bacteria cultures take over the food, producing lactic acid. This not only increases the nutritional value of the food (often increasing some vitamin content like B-12 and C by 300-600%!), but it also preserves the food for months or even years while producing a pleasantly sour taste. In modern, industrialized food production we fear the inconsistency of such traditional natural ferments, so we mimic that sour taste with vinegar while killing off all bacteria using hot water bath or high-pressure canning methods. While this gives us food that tastes almost like the traditional good stuff (or at least it tastes sour), it also gives us dead food devoid of the extra nutrients and healthy beneficial probiotic cultures found in a living, naturally-fermented food.

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Barbara Mason Yes Im ReadyBarbara Mason Yes Im ReadyBarbara Mason Yes Im ReadyBarbara Mason Yes Im Ready