Residents the big bubble part four of the mole trilogy

The biggest victims are young home buyers and middle-income earners who are either “priced out altogether or leveraged through the roof”.

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At the same time, scientists began to conclude that America's reserves of natural gas have been overhyped. In January, the Energy Department cut its estimate of the amount of gas available in the Marcellus Shale by nearly 70 percent, and a group affiliated with the Colorado School of Mines warns that there may be only 23 years' worth of economically recoverable gas left nationwide. Even worse, new studies suggest that because of fugitive emissions of methane from wellheads and pipelines, natural gas may actually be no better than coal when it comes to global warming. "I was an early optimist about natural gas," says Robert Kennedy Jr., who sits on a panel that's advising Gov. Andrew Cuomo on whether to allow drillers like McClendon to expand into New York. "But after looking into it, I now believe that, without tighter regulations and stricter oversight, the shale-gas boom could turn out to be an economic and environmental disaster."

A troubling album from the group and part four, supposedly, of the "Mole Trilogy." Whether they were reneging on their original promise or just pulling the record buyer's leg is unknown, but the album's concept for the first time is much more interesting than the result. Like Tunes of Two Cities , The Big Bubble is the Residents recreating the sound of imaginary musicians, putting on the guise of a rock band, as they tell it, the first Chub-society rock band to play indigenous Mole music. What we hear is the group throwing down their synths and trying to rock out, garage style, but with a lumpen, blocky sound and simple lyrics. After a few songs the experiment is finished, the point taken, yet there's plenty more songs to go. Only "Cry for the Fire" stands out, and particularly in the searing live version found on 13th Anniversary Show Live in Japan, where they finally attain that profound beauty that eluded them in the studio. The CD version contains the suite "Safety is the Cootie Wootie," a sort of twisted lullaby that has nothing to do with the album except its year of release -- it was removed for the reissue in 1997.

The Bubble Eye Goldfish, also known as the Water-Bubble Eye Goldfish, was developed in China. It is one of the more than 125 captive bred fancy goldfish varieties.

Several of the songs were also performed live during the 1997 25th anniversary concerts at the Fillmore in San Francisco . After the CD-ROM's success, the album was re-released as The Freak Show Soundtrack with a different cover. A limited edition, The Freak Show Special Edition , was released in 2002 to mark their 30th anniversary.

Residents The Big Bubble Part Four Of The Mole TrilogyResidents The Big Bubble Part Four Of The Mole TrilogyResidents The Big Bubble Part Four Of The Mole TrilogyResidents The Big Bubble Part Four Of The Mole Trilogy