Muddy waters the chess box

The Best of Muddy Waters is a 1958 greatest hits album by Muddy Waters released by Chess Records in April 1958. With the increasing popularity of 33 1/3 rpm recordings (commonly called LPs ), Chess Records started releasing its first LPs in 1958. [4] The Best of Muddy Waters (released sometime in April 1958 according to Billboard magazine ) was the third LP that Chess released. [1] The album was re-released in CD format in 1997 by Chess and MCA Records .

Born McKinley Morganfield, he earned the nickname 'Muddy' from his love of playing in the Deer Creek mud along the Mississippi River as a child. It was a name given to him by his grandmother, Della Grant, who raised him after his mother died shortly following his birth. 

Waters began to play the harmonica around the age of 5, and became quite good. He received his first guitar at age 17, and taught himself to play by listening to recordings of Mississippi blues legends such as Charley Patton. Although Waters spent countless hours working as a sharecropper at a cotton plantation, he found time to entertain folks around town with his music. In 1941, he joined the Silas Green Tent Show and began to travel. As he began to gain recognition, his ambition grew. Then, after Alan Lomax and John Work, archivists/researchers for the Library of Congress Field Recording project caught wind of Waters's unique style, they sought him out to make a recording. The songs "Can't Be Satisfied" and "Feel Like Going Home," were among his first recorded.

Muddy Waters The Chess BoxMuddy Waters The Chess BoxMuddy Waters The Chess BoxMuddy Waters The Chess Box